ANSYS FLUENT – NACA Airfoil 4412

The simulation of a NACA Airfoil is one of the most common however here we teach you something different: how to import points from your own airfoil and how to create an unstructured mesh easily (does not require high computational cost). You will also learn the steps to follow to develop any simulation.
Do you prefer CFX? We also have a tutorial in CFX click here.

Download: NACA 4412

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  1. Full Error Message: Shell Inflation failed , possible due to edge imprinting or connecting the inflation mesh

    Association : Project>Model>Geometry>Surface Body Bodies>Surface Body

    I am getting an inflation error.Please explain this in detail.
    Is this due to the gap created by incorrect meshing?Or something else?

    If I were using HyperMesh I would’ve created 3 nodes on the vertices of that gap and would have created a mesh element, how do I do the same in Ansys?

    Image Location :

  2. What is the Reynolds number of this simulation?

    Many thanks,

  3. Hi

    I need to do a 2-D simulation of an airfoil in fluent at a range of angle of attacks. Is it sufficient to insert and Body transformation as rotate and make it a design parameter and then just change it later on when I do the analysis.

  4. hello, I want conjugate heat transfer simulation analysis of turbine blade cooling
    there should be a heat transfer inside a blade please help me out


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