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5th Anniversary


Giveaway results in the final part of this video

  1. First book: Abhimanyu Vishwakarma
  2. Second book: 456bpa
  3. Third book: Web-eando


Soon more surprises


For the reason of our fifth anniversary, we will give away three books of computational fluid dynamics our subscribers.
To participate you must:

1. Be subscribed to our YouTube channel: CFD.NINJA
2. Give like and write a comment in this video: Centrifugal Pump

The list of winners will be published on May 29

1. Computational Fluid Dynamics: A Practical Approach by Ph.D. in Fluid Mechanics Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm Sweden, Jiyuan, Yeoh Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering (CFD) University of New South Wales Sydney, Guan Heng, et al.

2. Computational Methods for Fluid Dynamics
by Joel H. Ferziger and Milovan Peric

3. An introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics
by Versteeg and W. Malalasekera

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  • To participate you must subscribe and comment the video until May 28 (2019)
  • We will communicate with the winners through the comments they left in the video.
  • All books will be delivered through Amazon
  • Only one comment per person

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