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ANSYS CFX – Steady & Transient Simulation

The development of a transient simulation is not complicated, but may require a large computational cost depending on the magnitude of the simulation, there are transient simulations that can take weeks or even months, in those cases it is better to use a cluster or use the cloud. Here we show you the configuration for a transient simulation explaining some important terms to consider.

Do you want to use FLUENT?,
This is the Link: Transient Simulation FLUENT

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Readers Comments (6)

  1. Hi, I want to know the computer specs you used to do the simulations.
    It took 4 mins to finish the steady state. How long did it take to finish the transient simulation?

    Thank you

    • Hi my friend, well for transient simulation depends on of simulation time, in this case, I think was 30 min.
      Computer Specs
      Intel i7, 16 GB ram, this example is very simple.

  2. How to perform transient flow analysis of a centrifugal pump

  3. Hi,i want to know how to insert the initial value for oil-water emulsion for the following simulation: The bubble column modeled in this simulation is semi-batch where air flows continuously through a batch layer of water-oil
    The distributor inlet at the bottom of the vessel has only air flowing through it (air volume fraction =1).
    The oil-water emulsion founded already in the column, but i do not know how to define the concentration for each phase inside the column (oil =5% & water =95%).

  4. Hi there,

    Is there any tutorial with mass transfer using CFX? I am grateful for your work CFD ninja.

    Thanks in advance


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