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DesignModeler – Thin/Surface

Source: sharcnet

The Thin/Surface feature has two distinct applications:

  • Create thin solids
  • Simplified shelling

The three selection tools are:

  • Faces to Remove: selected faces will be removed from their bodies.
  • Faces to Keep: selected faces will be kept, while unselected faces are removed.
  • Bodies Only: the operation will be performed on the selected bodies without removing any faces.

The Thin/Surface feature allows you to convert solids into thin solids or surfaces. The feature can operate on both active and frozen bodies. Typically, you will select the faces to remove, and then specify a face offset that is greater than or equal to zero (>=0). You can make a model’s thickness in one of three directions of offset:

  • Inward
  • Outward
  • Mid-Plane

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