Ansys DesignModeler – Pipes Y-Shaped/T-Shaped

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March 15, 2020


Source: Ansys

The ANSYS DesignModeler application is designed to be used as a geometry editor of existing CAD models. The ANSYS DesignModeler application is a parametric feature-based solid modeler designed so that you can intuitively and quickly begin drawing 2D sketches, modeling 3D parts, or uploading 3D CAD models for engineering analysis preprocessing.

If you have never used a parametric solid modeler, you will find the ANSYS DesignModeler application easy to learn and use. If you are an experienced user in parametric modeling, the ANSYS DesignModeler application offers you the functionality and power you need to convert 2D sketches of lines, arcs, and splines into 3D models.

In this tutorial we will build a Y-shaped pipe and we can adjust the angles for different cases using Ansys DesignModeler.

Tutorial: Copy Mesh using Ansys Meshing.

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