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March 15, 2020


Source: Ansys

The Slice feature improves the usability of ANSYS DesignModeler as a tool to produce sweepable bodies for hex meshing and to assign different cross sections in a line body. Active bodies in the Slice operation will be frozen automatically. This feature is available before and after the Share Topology feature.

The Slice feature is available via the Create Menu and has five options:

Slice by Plane: Select a plane, Solid/Surface body can be sliced by the selected plane.
Slice Off Faces: Select faces of Solid body, presumably forming some concavity; and the DesignModeler application will slice off” these faces.
Slice by Surface: Select a face, and Solid/Surface can be sliced by the underlying surface of that selected face.
Slice Off Edges: Select edges of line body, and DesignModeler will separate or “slice off” these edges to form new bodies.
Slice by Edge Loop: Select chains of closed loop of edges, and Solid/Surface body will be sliced by the sheet bodies, which are created by using edge loops. This option is available only for the Slice feature before Share Topology.

In this tutorial you will learn how to use Slice tool in ANSYS DesignModeler. This tool is widely used in 3D to create several bodies.

Tutorial: Section Plane using Ansys Meshing.

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