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ANSYS FLUENT – Centrifugal Pump

In this tutorial we show you the basic configuration to simulate the pump impeller, you can follow the same steps for your own project.
You want a tutorial for ANSYS CFX, you can visit this website.

Download File: Centifugal Pump Fluent

Download File (*.rar): Centrifugal Pump Fluent

Readers Comments (15)

  1. For a two phase flow, what changes need to be done in the parameter settings in order to run the simulation with particles included??

  2. it seems that pumpfluent.cgns file is corrupted, because I am not able to import the mesh in Fluent. BTW I am using ANSYS 14.5.
    Can you provide me fresh file which can be read in FLUENT? Or else please kindly tell me how I can create the mesh using Bladegen so that it can be read in FLUENT.

  3. How do we reduce surging is a centrifugal compressor ? can you give us a tutorial.

  4. can i get mesh file for above problem

  5. H

    Masflowinlet and direction Normal outward is no more available for mass flow inlet boundary condition in Ansys 18. Instead Mass flow outlet is available with no turbulence specification
    Can you confirm?

  6. Hi friend, What message appears?

  7. Hi I use the ansys 19.2 but when I import mesh there are some warnings about adjacant mesh and I can’t change the boundry wall to moving wall because the options can’t be changed. do you have a solution for this?


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