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ANSYS FLUENT – Free Surface

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  1. Can you help me? im doing a study for cfd analysis on flow under a sluice gate and would like your help mr. cfd ninja. I’ll give you credit where credit is due thanks! i have two emails.

  2. Hello;
    Excuse me
    I am a researcher in the field of Weris and I want to work a model to calculate the discharge coefficient for Sharpe-Crested weirs. Is it possible to meet a program of purpose?
    What software do we want to use?
    Thanks alot

    • Hi friend, you can use ANSYS CFX in this software you can calculate indirectly the discharge coefficient. Regards

  3. Hi, I am a mechanical engineer from Iran, and in relation to my project, I need the (Hydraulic Part 2/7 – ANSYS CFX). If you can help me in this, thank you. Email(mostafa

  4. Hi, thank you for this tutorial.
    I have a question. How can I plot time history of free surface elevation in a VOF simulation using Ansys fluent or CFD-Post?
    This is my email:

  5. Hi,

    I am a Phd student in Therma Building, i use Fluent and i study a counter Flow Evaporative Cooler and i have a problem with two Adjacent Fluids : Water/Air,

    the calculation does not converge if there are two differents and adjacents fluids, but he do it when it is the same fluid.

    please can you Help me ?

    • Hi friend, At this moment I still don’t have a tutorial about flow evaporative, I think that in the next month I will make it. Regards

  6. Pls help me to cfd modelling of labyrinth weirs

  7. Hi, ninja =) Help me, please.
    Question of life or death for me. Maybe stupid question.
    How to set depth in end part of channel?
    For example – hydraulic jump. I have depth and velocity in begin part of channel. And I need determined depth in end. Do I can to do it without stilling basin or wall?
    Sorry, for my English.

    • Hi friend
      I do not understand very well, but if you want to know the height of the level downstream you can use the option Probe in CFD-Post.
      Best Regards

  8. Hello ninja
    I am making my final year project but at last solution is not converging after many iteration, what should i do.


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