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Reference Value 2 – Drag Coefficient – Cube

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Drag coefficient

Source: ScienceDirect

The aerodynamic drag coefficient is a measure of the effectiveness of a streamline aerodynamic body shape in reducing the air resistance to the forward motion of a vehicle. A low drag coefficient implies that the streamline shape of the vehicle’s body is such as to enable it to move easily through the surrounding viscous air with the minimum of resistance; conversely, a high drag coefficient is caused by poor streamlining of the body profile so that there is a high air resistance when the vehicle is in motion.

Vehicle type drag coefficient CD
Saloon car0.22–0.4
Sports car0.28–0.4
Light van0.35–0.5
Buses and coaches0.4–0.8
Articulated trucks0.55–0.8
Ridged truck and draw bar trailer0.7–0.9

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