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ANSYS ICEM CFD – Import Points / NACA Airfoil 4412

Source: National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics airfoils

During the late 1920s and into the 1930s, the NACA developed a series of thoroughly tested airfoils and devised a numerical designation for each airfoil — a four digit number that represented the airfoil section’s critical geometric properties. By 1929, Langley had developed this system to the point where the numbering system was complemented by an airfoil cross-section, and the complete catalog of 78 airfoils appeared in the NACA’s annual report for 1933. Engineers could quickly see the peculiarities of each airfoil shape, and the numerical designator (“NACA 2415,” for instance) specified camber lines, maximum thickness, and special nose features. These figures and shapes transmitted the sort of information to engineers that allowed them to select specific airfoils for desired performance characteristics of specific aircraft.

In this tutorial, you can import a file from Notepad to ICEM CFD, you can download the Excel file by the following link:

Download Excel: NACA 4412

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