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ANSYS MESHING – Hexahedral Mesh – Pipe

Mapped and Free Meshing – MultiZone Meshing

Best for moderately clean CAD, the Multizone strategy for meshing provides multi-level sweep with automatic decomposition of geometry into mapped (structured) and free (unstructured) regions. When defining the MultiZone mesh method, you can specify a Mapped Mesh Type and a Free Mesh Type that will be used to fill structured and unstructured regions respectively. Depending on your settings and specific model, the mesh may contain a mixture of hex/prism/tetra elements.

The MultiZone mesh method and the Sweep mesh method described above operate similarly; however, MultiZone has capabilities that make it more suitable for a class of problems for which the Sweep method would not work without extensive geometry decomposition.

Additional benefits of this approach include:

    • Support for 3D inflation
  • Ability to selectively ignore small features



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