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Mesh Copy Control

The Mesh Copy control enables you copy mesh from one body to another. This option can be used to reduce the mesh setup time for repetitive bodies/parts. Association to CAD is maintained after performing mesh copy.

Mesh controls are scoped only to the source anchor body. When the mesh is generated, the source anchor body is meshed and the mesh is then copied to targets.

You can scope the Mesh Copy control to either a geometry selection or a named selection as follows:

  1. Insert a Mesh Copy control by right-clicking the Mesh object in the Tree Outline and selecting Insert > Mesh Copy.
  2. In the Details view, define the scope of the selection:
    • To apply the mesh copy to a geometry selection, set the Scoping Method to Geometry Selection. Select a face for the Source Anchor.
    • To apply the mesh copy to a named selection, set the Scoping Method to Named Selection. Select the appropriate Named Selection for the Source Anchor.
  3. Define the scope for the target:
    • To apply the mesh copy to a geometry selection, set the Target Scoping to Geometry Selection. Select the appropriate faces for the Target Anchors.
    • To apply the mesh copy to a named selection, set the Target Scoping to Named Selection. Select the appropriate Named Selection for the Target Anchors.

Note:  While scoping the source and target anchors, note the following:

  • The source and target face area should be the same.
  • The associated source and target bodies should have the same volume.
  • The source and target configuration should be identical (for example, a circle to rectangle mapping is incorrect, even if the face area is the same).
  • If the above is not true, the mesh may be copied, but the nodes may not be associated properly to the target bodies, or the copied mesh transformation may be incorrect.

Figure 115: Mesh Copy Scope shows the set up of the Source face (blue) and Target Anchor faces (red) for the Mesh Copy control. Figure 116: Generated Mesh shows the mesh that was generated.

Figure 115: Mesh Copy Scope

Mesh Copy Scope

Figure 116: Generated Mesh

Generated Mesh


  • The mesh copy control is supported only for solid bodies.
  • The mesh copy control is not supported when previewing the surface mesh, or previewing inflation.
  • Mesh copy is supported for multibody parts with share topology. Bodies which are scoped to a Mesh Copy control are meshed first, and then the remaining bodies are meshed.
  • Selective meshing is supported with mesh copy only if the source bodies are meshed before the target bodies. If the target bodies are meshed first, the mesh will not be copied.
  • The Mesh Copy target body is a reflection of the source. Element connectivities will be different. This may cause the solver to fail. Choosing a different target anchor face might help in some cases. True reflection is not supported.
  • Mesh copy is not supported for Assembly meshing.
  • Mesh controls set up on the target bodies will be ignored when the mesh is generated.
  • Sizing controls set up on the target bodies will not be copied to the source body.
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