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The Pinch feature lets you remove small features (such as short edges and narrow regions) at the mesh level in order to generate better quality elements around those features. The Pinchfeature provides an alternative to Virtual Topology , which works at the geometry level. The two features work in conjunction with one another to simplify meshing constraints due to small features in a model that would otherwise make it difficult to obtain a satisfactory mesh.

When Pinch controls are defined, the small features in the model that meet the criteria established by the controls will be “pinched out,” thereby removing the features from the mesh. You can instruct the Meshing application to automatically create pinch controls based on settings that you specify, or you can manually designate the entities to be pinched. Pinch controls can be applied to solid and shell models, with certain restrictions as shown in the table below.

Here we share a basic tutorial about Pinch tool, you can download the file for this example: Pinch

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