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ANSYS MESHING – Sphere of Influence

Source: Sphere of Influence

The Sphere of Influence option is available in the Type field after you select an entity such as a body, face, edge, or vertex.

If Size Function is Off. the option is available after you select a body, face, edge, or vertex, and affects only the entities it is scoped to. If scoping to a body, the body must be a sheet or solid body; line bodies are not supported.

If Size Function is On, the option is available only when scoped to a vertex or body, and affects all bodies in the model.

Although the Behavior option is not available for Sphere of Influence, Sphere of Influence behaves as a Hard setting. That is, in the vicinity of a Sphere of Influence, the Sphere of Influence sizing overrides pre-existing sizing information regardless of whether the pre-existing sizes are larger or smaller than the Sphere of Influence sizing. This is in contrast to the Body of Influence option, which behaves as a Soft setting.

For bodies, faces, and edges, Sphere of Influence allows you to apply mesh sizing within the confines of a sphere in space that you define as follows:

  1. Create a local coordinate system whose origin you intend to be the center of the sphere.
  2. Select this coordinate system in the Sphere Center field.
  3. Enter the radius of the sphere in the Sphere Radius field.
  4. Enter a value in the Element Size field. The element size will be applied to all topologies within the confines of the sphere. For example, if you are applying the element size to a face, the size will also be applied to the edges of that face, and to the vertices of those edges, but only within the confines of the sphere. An example is shown below.

If you selected a vertex, the only option available in the Type field is Sphere of Influence. The description is the same as presented above except that the center of the sphere is the vertex. There is no need to create or use a local coordinate system to define the center of the sphere. After applying element size to a vertex using Sphere of Influence, the element size is applied to all topologies connected to that vertex, such as all edges and faces containing that vertex, if they fall within the sphere. An example is shown below.

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