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March 13, 2020


Source: Ansys

The Sphere of Influence option is available in the Type field after you select an entity such as a body, face, edge, or vertex.

If the Sphere of Influence is scoped to a body or vertex, the Sphere of Influence affects the entire body regardless of sizing options being used. If the Sphere of Influence is scoped to a face or edge and Use Adaptive Sizing is set to Yes, the Sphere of Influence only affects the face(s) or edge(s) that are scoped to the control and the transition away from those entities. If the Sphere of Influence is scoped to a face or edge and any other sizing option is used, the Sphere of Influence will affect the whole body (not just scoped face(s) or edge(s)).

Although the Behavior option is not available for Sphere of InfluenceSphere of Influence behaves as a Hard setting. That is, in the vicinity of a Sphere of Influence, the Sphere of Influence sizing overrides pre-existing sizing information regardless of whether the pre-existing sizes are larger or smaller than the Sphere of Influence sizing. This is in contrast to the Body of Influence option, which behaves as a Soft setting.


In this tutorial, you will learn to use the Sphere of Influence tool using Ansys Meshing. With this tool you can generate localized mesh.


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