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ANSYS SpaceClaim – Driving dimensions with Excel

The Excel add-in lets you control dimensions with an Excel spreadsheet.

When you create a spreadsheet in the Excel ribbon, Driving Dimension groups are automatically added to an Excel spreadsheet. In the spreadsheet, you can enter new target values, or use Excel’s formulas to calculate new values.

To use a spreadsheet to drive dimensions

  1. Create Driving Dimension groups for dimensions you want to controlIn the Pull and Move tools, create Ruler Dimensions and add them to Groups to create Driving Dimension groups.
  2. Open the Excel tab
  3. Click CreateThe spreadsheet is created and automatically populated with groupsAuto update is On by default. If you have several dimensions to change, turn it off so the model does not update until you have entered all the new values.
  4. Enter Target Values
  5. Click Update to apply the new dimensions to your model

As with all spreadsheet calculations, you should avoid circular calculations.

Values are applied sequentially, so order your groups in the sequence that you want to perform the operations.

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