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ANSYS SpaceClaim – Project

Source: SpaceClaim

Use the Project tool to create edges on a solid’s face by extending the edges of another solid, surface, sketch, or note text. 
When you project onto a face, the tool makes a new surface to hold the projected edges, if possible.

To project the edges of a face, surface, sketch, or note text to a solid

  1. Click  Project in the Intersect group on the Design tab.
  2. Select the edges, face, surface, sketch, or note text whose edges you want to project.Select an object in the Structure tree to project all the edges of the object.The projection occurs perpendicular to the selected object onto the nearest solid faces. The nearest solid faces are determined automatically.
  3. (Optional) Click the Select Direction tool guide and select a face or edge to change the direction of the projection.
  4. (Optional) Click the Select Target Faces tool guide and select the face(s) on which you want the edge projected.
  5. Select from the following options in the Options panel:
    • Project through solids: Project the edges on all faces through the entire solid instead of just the faces closest to the object you project.
    • Project silhouette edge: Projects the outline, or silhouette, of a part. You must set the direction using the Select Direction tool guide.
    • Extend projected edges: Extend the projected curves to the edge of the face(s) they are projected on.
    • Extend target faces: Extend the target face when the projected face is larger than the target. See the example below.
    • Wrap around target: Projects a planar object, text, or note onto cylindrical or multiple planar faces and wraps it around the faces. This option also works for conical surfaces and over target tangent face boundaries. 
    The projection preview is shown in purple, and will be updated based on the options and tool guides you use.
  6. Click the Complete tool guide or press Enter to project the edges.

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