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March 14, 2020


Source: SpaceClaim

An enclosure is a solid around a body or bodies that has a cushion around the enclosed solid(s). The enclosure can be a box, cylinder, or sphere, as shown below.

Enclosures are used by analysis tools to simulate fluid.



To create an enclosure

  • Click  Enclosure in the Analysis section of the Prepare tab.
  • Select one or more solid or mesh bodies in the Design window or Structure tree.

    These bodies will be inside the enclosure.

  • Set the Default cushion amount.

    This is a percentage of the minimum enclosure size, and determines the initial distance between the enclosed object(s) and the closest point of the enclosure to the objects. You can adjust the distances by typing in the fields in the Design window.

  • Select the shape of the enclosure in the Options panel: Box, Cylinder, Sphere, or Custom shape.

    If you select Custom shape, you must use the Custom Shape tool guide to select a solid to use as the enclosure shape.

  • (Optional) Click the Set Orientation tool guide and select a line, axis, or origin to change the orientation of the enclosure.

    The enclosure is oriented with the world origin by default.

  • (Optional) Deselect the Symmetric dimensions option to set the cushion distance different for dimensions that are opposite each other.
  • (Optional) Type a value to adjust the cushion values, if necessary.

    Press Tab to move among the cushion values.

  • Click the Complete tool guide when you are finished.

    The enclosure is created in a sub-component of the active part.

In this tutorial you will learn how to use enclosure tool using Ansys SpaceClaim. This option is mainly used to simulate external flow.

Tutorial: Hexahedral mesh using Ansys Meshing.

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