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March 14, 2020


Source: SpaceClaim

Use the Split Body tool to split a body by one or more of its faces or edges. Then select one or more regions for deletion. The Split Body tool expects that you have already selected the cutter objects. From these faces or edges, the single target body is inferred, since a face or edge can only belong to one body or surface. If only one body face is selected as a cutter, the default action is to extend that face to cut as far as it can through the body. If a face of a surface is selected, then it is automatically removed.

The Split Body tool works in two modes:

  • “Slow mode” is activated by clicking a Split Body tool guide. In this mode, once a tool guide is clicked, it remains selected until another tool guide is clicked. This mode works just like any other tool.

  • “Fast mode” automatically activates tool guides and moves you through the workflow. This predictive mode allows you to box-select multiple cutters to add even more efficiency.

You can use the Split Body tool to:

  • Split a body by its edges

  • Split a body by its faces

  • Split a body by a plane

You can select a body or surface from the Structure tree as the target and a plane from the Structure tree as the cutter.

When splitting with a plane passing through the entire body, some cuts may not be desired. Use the Local Slicing option to gain specific control over which cuts are applied.

In this tutorial you will learn to use Split Body tool using Ansys Spaceclaim. You can generate custom entry zones for simulations.

We share the same tutorial using ANSYS Fluent.

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