With this tool you can customize and refine your mesh knowing the length of the first element.

You can download the Excel file here: Bias Factor

You can download the last Excel file here: Bias Factor

If you input are edge length, number of divisions and length of first element you can use this Excel file: Bias Factor Custom

The equations for calculating the length of the first element of the mesh using Bias Factor are:

Part 1

Part 2

For calculating the second length you must multiply the growth rate and the first length, for the third length you must multiply the second length and the growth rate again and so on.


Readers Comments (6)

  1. This is a nice work, its good if you provide ANSYS WORKBENCH structural analysis .

  2. Hello cfd.ninjas,

    one question: could it be that there is a mistake in the excel file “Bias Factor Custom”?

    if I insert the following:

    I get a bias factor back from the excel file of 0.086 instead of 9.4181 and a growth rate of 0.76 instead of 1.2830. But both values must be always be greater than 1, or? The ANSYS Workbench Structural Mesher doesn’t allow a bias factors smaller than 1.

    But however, thanks for all other excel-files, they helped me a lot.

    Best regards

    • Hi friend, Thanks for your input, well the file “Bias Factor Custom” are right, Growth rate must be greater than 1 (general ruler), this file was made for a subscriber considering this general ruler. Regards

  3. Keep up the great work guyz.


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