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Design Modeler – Boolean

Source: ANSYS Help
Use the Boolean feature to Unite, Subtract, Intersect, or Imprint Faces of existing bodies. The bodies can be Solid, Surface, or (for Unite only) Line bodies.

This option allows all body types, but do note that different body types cannot be combined together.

For this option, select a list of target bodies and a list of tool bodies. The Active/Frozen status of bodies and new pieces that result from that body will be preserved. For Subtract, an option to preserve the tool bodies is available.

Like Unite, the Intersect option uses a single list of tool bodies. Here, an option is provided in the Intersect Result property that determines how the intersection is to be computed:

  • Intersection of All Bodies: Computes only the regions shared by all tool bodies
  • Union of All Intersections: Computes the regions where any two or more tool bodies intersect

Imprint Faces
For this option, select a list of target bodies and a list of tool bodies which intersect the target bodies. Note that either the target or tool bodies can be frozen, provided the tool and target are separate bodies that intersect.

Readers Comments (2)

  1. I want to add fins to the cyclinder , for extended surface on a tube. Can I simple fins and later apply unite by selecting all fins with the central cyclinder?

    • Yes friend,
      That is possible, Can you send to me your file? I can make a tutorial about that.
      Best Regards


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