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Design Modeler – Import Bladegen

The 3D model of the geometry of a turbine is very complex, however Ansys has developed Bladegen, which is a powerful tool in which we can create our turbine with the design parameters, here is a simple example of how it works; And how it can be imported to DesignModeler.

Readers Comments (2)

  1. i have some coordinates of a blade. from that i am making a blade profile. i want to create a flow path for that. i have only blade profile, no hub profile so can you tell me how to create flow path for that. or can we upload blade geometry to bladegen o points to blade gen.

    • Hi my friend; well bladegen calculate the impeller if you have the blade profile I think is better build the 3D model using other software as Inventor or Solidworks and then import it to ANSYS. Regards


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