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Download File: Free Surface 3D
This is a tutorial on 3D free surface, which will be useful, however, you should consider that the simulation time takes about 6 hours with an i7 computer with four processors.
Before starting with this tutorial we recommend first performing the 2D simulation of the tutorials:

Readers Comments (14)

  1. Great, thanks for sharing this article. Really Cool.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing all with the awesome info! I am looking forward to checking out far more posts!

  3. Amazing work .

    Can you post a tutorial about radial gates opening ?

  4. Your article perctfely shows what I needed to know, thanks!

  5. Hi, are you ok my friend??
    i want to study analytically and numerically forces( drag & lift) in planning hull with effect of free surface .
    can you help me??

  6. hello sir,
    it is great work, my dream is to a fluid like thing in ansys software.
    so,my question is your all files are in cgns formats how to convert into .igs or .step formate.

  7. Hi sir,

    Can you help to provide the guideline from “making the geometry” to the “setup” stage for Free-Surface 3D”

    I can easily follow your tutorial, but I got confused when I want to change the shape of the geometry. As you already upload the file in *cngs file, so I cannot learn how did you make it.

    thank you sire

  8. hi can you send me file mesh for this video or can you upload tutorial mesh for this one

  9. can you please upload how to make the geometry of that diagram ?

    • Hi friend;
      It’s very easy
      Create a rectangle in DensigModeler and extrude, then create another small rectangle in the center of the body and extrude changing to Cut Material, Ready the geometry is ready.
      Best Regards


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