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ANSYS CFX – Free Surface

Source: CMCS

A free surface is a surface separating two different physics and whose position is not known. The determination of the position is therefore part of the problem that has to be solved. A typical example is the interface between the water and the air that appears when computing the performances of a yacht.

The modelisation of the free surfaces is an interesting and challenging problem.

At CMCS, three methods for the motion of the surfaces are mainly used:

  • The level set method (LS)
  • The volume of fluid method (VOF)
  • The ALE method

ALE method is part of the front tracking methods and is used mainly for FSI problems due to its limitation to small displacement of the surface. Front capturing methods (LS and VOF) are used for problems more demanding in terms of flexibility.

Readers Comments (10)

  1. Saludos desde Ecuador, desearia saber si dictan cursos de ANSYS CFD Free Surface, Saludos

    • Hola amigo, estamos preparando un curso de ANSYS CFX, uno de los temas es free surface, te estaremos avisando. Saludos

      • hola, tambien estoy interesado en un curso de ANSYS CFX, podrian enviarme mas informacion?
        soy de Perú

        • Claro amigo, estamos ahora prepando un curso para varias persona pero estamos en tramite de la licencia, sin embargo tambien damos clases particulares, avisanos si esta interesado.

  2. hi. cfd ninja. I saw your examples for hydro power. what should we do if we have sediment at the bottom, water flowing and also to consider air. which multi phase model should we use?

    • Hi friend, That’s complicated because first, we should validate a real model with ANSYS and notice what model is more real. Do you have results of real model or experiment?

  3. Hello!
    First of all, I’d like to congratulate you for the great work.
    I’d like to know where can I found the geometry and mesh for this design?

    Thanks in Advance!

  4. Hola, estoy interesado en el curso ANSYS CFX, quería saber si lo estan dictando o dan clases particulares. Gracias


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