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How to add a new material in ANSYS CFX

Many of our subscribers asked us how to create/add a new material? In many cases it is necessary to add a new material to our project because within the ANSYS there is a limited number of materials, to do this is very easy, please watch the video.
Keep in mind that it is important to have the properties according to the simulation that we develop if you are going to do a thermal simulation it is necessary to insert properties like conductivity or heat capacity.
You want to know how a new material is added in ANSYS FLUENT, click HERE.


Readers Comments (1)

  1. How to define the value for the new material inside the vessel?
    for example, if there is two material inside the vessel (solid and liquid) each phase have a value inside the vessel (solid 5% & liquid 95%), how to insert or define this values for the ansys cfx?
    Thank you for help?


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