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ICEM CFD Tutorials

Source: ICEM CFD

ANSYS ICEM CFD extends ANSYS meshing capabilities with robust and varied geometry import, the ability to efficiently mesh large or complex models with extended meshing controls, advanced interactive blocking tools for structured or unstructured mesh generation, extended mesh diagnostics, advanced interactive mesh editing and output to a wide variety of solver formats, including CFD, FEA and neutral formats.

ANSYS ICEM CFD can generate mesh from a range of sources including direct CAD, third party formats such as IGES or ACIS, faceted data, scan data or even combinations of CAD, facets and mesh.   It includes a variety of “patch independent” meshing methods which are able to work with dirty cad and does not require that surfaces be formed into solids or that flow volumes be extracted.  It does include a wide range of interactive geometry, blocking and mesh editing tools that can be used to generate advanced or high quality meshes for any application.

The data-integrated ICEM CFD component system, or “ANSYS ICEM CFD Add-in”, enables you to launch ICEM CFD from ANSYS Workbench and use it to build a project, with the option of adding upstream data from Geometry, Mesh, Mechanical Model, or combined Geometry and Mesh system components. You can also use ICEM CFD to provide data to downstream component systems, such as ANSYS Fluent, ANSYS CFX, ANSYS Polyflow, Mechanical APDL, and FE Modeler.